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Are you a professional working with children and are you willing to invest in their media literacy and e-safety? Discover how Betternet can help you!

Awareness-raising initiatives

Betternet offers educational resources, pedagogical tools and training modules you can use with children (6-18) to work on their media literacy and e-safety.

Cooperation opportunities

Betternet creates opportunities for you as a professional to work with others on specific topics, share your challenges and find solutions together.

Free helpline

Child Focus provides support to children and caregivers on the e-safety issues they are facing through the 116 000 helpline.

Free hotline

Child Focus operates the civil contact point www.imagesdabus.be to report child sexual exploitation images found online and stop child sexual exploitation.

Youth participation

Betternet involves children and young people, listens to their needs and designs resources that are tailor-made for them.

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Betternet advocates for more investment in media literacy and e-safety for children and initiatives needed to end child sexual exploitation online.

Take part in Safer Internet Day!

Are you a teacher or do you work with children and young people? Stay tuned and don’t miss the chance to participate in the next Safer Internet Day.

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